our company


Hummingbird Smart Services exists to accelerate the environmental, social, and economic benefits of the global transition to smart energy.

The electricity demands of today and the future are rapidly increasing as technology and infrastructure transform our energy consumption. We believe that consumers expect innovations in their everyday lives to solve this growing imbalance. With the shrinking size and cost of alternative energy, and innovations in IoT and smart technology, our opportunity to act is now here.

We are headquartered in Britannia Beach, BC, Canada and currently serve West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Squamish, and Whistler.


our vision

The ambition of Hummingbird Smart Services is affordable energy neutrality, independence, and convenience for individuals, businesses, and communities.




It all started in the spring of 2018 with a research trip to South America, staring out at the rooftops of dense mega-cities and rural towns grossly underserved by basic electricity for cooling and heating. We explored aloud what would happen if today’s small scale solar arrays were on each rooftop with smart technology managing each home, what problems it would solve, and the steps it would take to get there.

In Summer 2018, the company was launched.

After development and testing, we completed our first residential project for an AirBnB business. With that project, we were motivated by the energy and experience potential and the opportunity to equip more customers with smart energy.

Now in full market launch, Hummingbird Smart Services is excited to bring smart energy to the British Columbia lower mainland, across Canada, and perhaps someday back to South America.



Hummingbird Smart Services is a company founded by Canadian Métis people. At the heart of our company are Indigenous values and principles that show our celebration and commitment to who we are and how we choose to enact change in the world.



Indigenous cultures share a belief that people must live in respectful, harmonious relationships with nature, with one another, and with themselves.

Our EARth

People are not greater than nature. The natural world has its own ‘laws’, which must be respected if people are going to be sustained by it. We respect it by caring for it. 


Agreement and cooperation makes our relationships stronger. Our identity is enhanced by being in supportive community with others. 

Our Growth

The Creator has given each person talents and strengths to be discovered, and the ability to learn. We have the responsibility to develop and share these gifts.


Our Team


jared chartrand - Company Director & Co-Founder

As Company Director, Jared leads operations and product research & development. Jared brings a decade of senior strategy, technology, and workforce operations experience from TELUS, one of Canada’s largest telecom companies, and is an Accenture alumni and dot-com veteran. Jared’s study of building design, art and science is invested into the vision for Hummingbird Smart Services. A veteran leader with twenty years of expertise in internet, IoT technology, and enterprise business systems, Jared brings operations excellence into the core of the company. Jared’s passion is his family and the future he can shape for his two children.

michel chartrand - advisorY Board Chair & Co-Founder

As Senior Advisor, Michel provides more than the practical expertise of electrical training and construction experience. Michel brings over thirty years of senior educational administration experience in rural and urban schools in both Manitoba and British Columbia, graduate thesis work on developing school communities and a deep passion for seeking educational, social and economic opportunities for Indigenous peoples. As a member of the disabled community, Michel lives with the challenges of accessibility that Smart technology strives to reduce and understands the need for straightforward, reliable technology.